Focus Fine Arts, was initally created in Washington State in 2004 by my extrodinary wife Kimberly and myself. We expanded and moved to Colorado in 2005. After many years of living on the west coast in the rain, we have settled in Northern Illinois to be closer to our family.

Our primary goal is to make original and interesting art and lots of it while keeping production costs down by doing our own printing in house. We also do custom printing for other artists, some of whom have been our friends for many years. We also have been fortunate enough to encounter some new friends through FFA and help them with reproductions of paintings and photographs as well.

If you are interested in becoming a member and displaying and/or selling your work through FFA give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you promptly so we may look at your work.

Thanks for your interest in Focus Fine Arts,

Kimberly C. Kublank & David L. Nelson

In the coming year we plan on expanding the scope of FFA to incorporate more multimedia projects, including continued work with our band MotoSpinZing, we are making preperations for publishing our first books through Ironworks, which is a spinoff of FFA. We are also preparing to welcome several new artists to our venue as we broaden the scope of our already eclectic offerings. Stop back now and again and see what changes we have made. We will be working hard to keep the site updated with new works to keep things interesting.

As art is a reflection of the intellect as well as the senses, we hope you will do the intellegent thing while being somewhat sensible and enjoy the wide, wide world of art!