Focus Fine Arts is an arts media enterprise which brings together several branches of the arts under one digital roof. Fine Art, Literary Works, Music & Multimedia. In the Fine Arts section you will find a diverse range of works from vibrant still lifes to colorful abstractions and photography.
MotoSpinZing is an ongoing multimedia project in which we are developing music, video and Flash content. Our first project is a concept album titled: Songs of Swamp & Pond.
Ironworks Publishing is our third venue. Presently, we have a writer's section with short stories and poetry. In the coming months we will have Ebooks and Audio Books available for download as well as hard copies available for purchase.
Tintype Cards Publishes various works selected from the galleries our Artists on Archival Papers. On the back of each card is printed a bio of the Artist and their photograph. These Fine Art Cards are of the highest quality and suitable for framing.

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