Ironworks Publishing is our third venue. Presently, we have a writer's section with short stories and poetry. In the coming months we will have Ebooks and Audio Books available for download as well as hard copies available for purchase.
  • IronWorks Publishing is a Literary Small Press offering fine quality fiction and poetry in e-book and print-on-demand forms.

Kimberly Kublank: Excerpts from Coffee and Seven Short Stories:

David L. Nelson: Poetry & Short Stories

Our featured books will include:

  • Coffee and Seven Short Stories: by Kimberly Kublank
  • Scratching the Surface of Creativity and Love: a novel by Kimberly Kublank
  • As Luck Would Have It: a tragicomic novel by David L. Nelson
  • Mystic Bricks - a Collection of Short Stories & Poetry: by David L. Nelson
Kimberly Kublank at Writer's Cafe
David L. Nelson at Writer's Cafe
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